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Winter Wellness: A Yin Yoga, Acupuncture and Meditation Immersion

Jacinta and Karina are teaming up to offer you a cozy and deeply restorative mini retreat centred on the Kidneys and Water element – the organ and element of Winter.
Let us strengthen and nourish your Kidney energy in Winter… building will power and wisdom, and embodying spirit You will be cared for by two highly experienced and intuitive Doctors of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture…the original and most powerful energy medicine.
In a warm and nurturing space we’ll start with slow, gentle Yin Yoga guided gently by Karina, then whilst resting in Savasana in a beautiful nurturing environment Jacinta and Karina will place Acupuncture points and hot stones where they’re intuitively called for, focussing on building and restoring Kidney Qi using the Ren Channel – the channel we absorb energy and love through. You will then be guided through a meditation, to sink deeply into your body, dropping Mind to Heart and connecting Heart to Kidneys, grounding and centring your whole self here.

Saturday 20 July 2024
3:00pm – 4:30pm at 1 Pakenham St, Fremantle 6160

Sunday 21 July 2024
1:00pm – 2:30pm at 87 Brown St, East Perth 6004

East Perth

Cat & Kelly: Meditation

At the Conscious & Connected classes, we explore nurturing a more supportive relationship with self, practise partnering with kindness, patience and self-respect and have a go at gaining more of a sense of how that can look, feel and sound for you. Each Wednesday we co-create a nurturing, judgement free space to check-in with how we are feeling across our physical, emotional, mental and soul bodies. If you are curious to explore how you can align and centre yourself amongst all the chaos in the world, please contact Cat & Kelly or check out our FB or Insta page ‘Conscious & Connected’ to book your place at our weekly meditation class. We look forward to meeting you. Classes are 7pm-8:15pm every Wednesday at Earthpoint Evolution, East Perth. Booking is essential. Exchange is $15.

Every Monday
8:00pm – 9:15pm

East Perth

Rachael: Yoga

Yin Yoga with Rachel Blair. Start your week right with a relaxing Yin class every Monday night.Rachel Blair from Koru Collective hosts a wonderfully relaxing yin by candlelight class. Rachel is a modified Ashtanga, Yin and meditation teacher, with specialty training in pre & postnatal, baby and children’s yoga.
Suitable for all levels, join us every Monday night and start your week right.

Reserve your spot here or email Rachel at

Every Monday
6:00pm – 7:30pm

East Perth

Mens Hub

Welcome to the MENS HUB \\ WA – Perth Men’s Circle!

A place for men to connect and support one another. Join us as we circle up and share what’s going on for each of us, drop into some breath patterns and on occasion some movement exercises to really anchor into the body.

HOST: @ty_cherrie
WHEN: 6.30pm Thursday (Monthly)
WHERE: Earthpoint Evolution, East Perth
COST: First time is FREE. -$20 commitment for returning Men.

All contributions go towards purchasing more resources to be used at these fortnightly circles! As well as supporting MENS HUB \\ WA to expand further into the community.
Feel free to invite a brother who may be seeking support or connection.
We look forward to seeing you all soon

Thursday (Monthly)


Niki Browne-Cooper: Qigong Instructor

Niki is an experienced Qigong instructor, passionate about sharing the transformative power of this ancient exercise that has garnered increasing popularity for its holistic benefits to health and well-being. As a dedicated advocate of Qigong, which translates to ‘energy practice,’ Niki guides individuals in unlocking the body’s potential by clearing internal blockages and fostering the unhindered flow of energy.

In this workshop, Niki focuses on invigorating one-minute exercises that serve as ideal warm-ups before participants delve into the ‘Waking the Qi’ sequence, a simple yet remarkably effective set of movements designed to enhance the circulation of qi and blood, activate the lymphatic system, and awaken the body energetically, physically, and mentally. This sequence serves as an excellent starting point for those beginning their Qigong journey, promising to uplift and rejuvenate participants, setting them on a path to feeling their absolute best.


Anna: Yin Yoga

Join Anna for a beautifully nourishing and calming Yin Yoga on Friday evenings in central Fremantle! Yin yoga is a slow, passive style of yoga delving deeper into the body, nourishing the connective tissues – the ligaments, tendons, joints, bones, spinal discs, and the fascia. By spending time gently stretching and relaxing the muscles, we can access these deeper connective tissues to bring about balance and wellness.

On an energetic level, Yin Yoga works to balance the meridians, or energy channels in the body. It improves energy flow, helps relieve blockages and enhances the flow of qi or prana (lifeforce energy) to the organs. Suitable for all levels