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With a background in psychology, education and counselling, Raven has worked as an energy healing practitioner for nearly 30 years, supporting clients in clearing trauma and stress-related imbalances, including past life and generational disharmony, which can become stored in cellular memory and the body’s energy systems.  Raven facilitates you in restoring your personal wealth in terms of self-love, self-respect, self-confidence and the like.  Where ever you feel blocked in your life, Raven will support you with compassion, respect and without judgement. If you want a session just to replenish, receive nurture or re-balance, Raven will facilitate that for you too. Every session is tailored to suit your needs.
Raven’s sessions can be experienced both in individual private sessions, or in a group session. During the individual healing sessions, and group nurture sessions, Raven channels nurturing healing energy and guidance for participants, and will often combine her energy work with sound in both individual or Group Sound Healing Sessions.  Raven teaches you to connect to and learn to trust your entourage of spiritual supporters & your own higher knowing.  This will enable you to develop greater self-love and self-empowerment so you can be who you want to be in the world.  She’ll help you navigate life’s challenges and your evolvement with gentleness, support and genuine care. 
Qualifications and Associations
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Graduate Diploma of Education, Graduate Diploma of Counselling, Australian Bush Flower Therapy, Certificate in Group Sound Meditation, Certificate & Diploma in Sound Therapy (Australian College of Sound Therapy); Member International Institute for Complementary Therapists
Raven is available for individual private sessions at EarthPoint every Thursday and conducts regular Group Nurture and Group Sound sessions at EarthPoint Space. Please click here on our Events page for a list of current dates.
Bookings for all services can be made by clicking on “Make an appointment” button or by calling or texting Raven on +61 422 328 677.  


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