Judith is inspired by the potential of each person to grow and be a life long learner. Her purpose is to be a catalyst for the process, inspiring conscious, creative, expansion.  Her rich diverse experience and love of her work combines to give her clients the best possible opportunity to evolve and instigate change in whatever way they feel is best for them.

Judith understands that old patterns are hard wired into our minds and bodies, and it is common to feel stuck at times. The ability to flex with the challenges of life is paramount.  The aim is to develop new ways of thinking and being, forging new patterns and generating forward momentum. Having worked with hundreds of clients in a variety of contexts over thirty years Judith draws from rich experience. Her approach is mind, body and spirit.

Judith is committed to her own growth, working with her chosen mentors, which keeps her congruent, grounded. Her energy, humanity and humour are hallmarks of her approach.

Judith aims to create relationship and connection with her clients and then trusts the process, always holding the highest intention and believing in the potential of each person to make things better. Medicare rebates are available with a current Mental Health Care Plan provided by your GP.

Qualifications and Associations:

BA(Hons) Applied Social Science, Dip.SW, Grad.Dip.Counselling Accredited Coach.

Professional Associations:

ACA (Australian Counselling Association) AASW