Gabriella is a Sports Physiotherapist with over 31 years of experience.

For the past 18 years Gabriella has focussed her education and training on providing exercise programs for performance enhancement, pain and injury management and prevention.

Gabriella works with a huge range of clients including elite athletes from many difference sports, recreational athletes, office workers, children, elderly and everyone in between. All wanting to improve performance or quality of life.

Gabriella assesses how a client breaths, sits, stands and moves. Then provides exercises to improve breathing patterns, pain and movement efficiency. She began incorporating Pilates into her exercise programs in 2002 and she was an active Pilates Mentor for 12 years. She opened one of the first large physiotherapy and pilates studios in the northern suburbs and ran up to 25 pilates classes a week.

Since 2017 Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation DNS has become a strong influence on her exercise programs. DNS looks at re-training the brain and our locomotor systems to shift back to the optimal breathing, stabilisation and movement patterns we had as babies.

Gabriella uses the DNS principles and sports physiotherapy training to assess and provide achievable exercises and functional training strategies. The aim is to restore subconscious movements patterns for injury management and prevention, posture improvement, chronic neurological issues, performance enhancement, balance and stability.

Ultimately, Gabriella’s goal is to empower her clients to help manage their own symptoms and achieve their goals.

Qualifications and Associations:

B.App.Sc Physiotherapy 1989: Grad Dip Sports Physiotherapy 2002: Diploma in professional Pilates 2008; DNS Certified Exercise Trainer 2019: Member of Australian Physiotherapy Association; Registered with APHRA