Integrative Chiropractor

Dr. Sindy is an integrative chiropractor with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Chiropractic. She is currently completing her Diplomate in Chiropractic Paediatrics. Dr. Sindy believes that chiropractic is for everyone with a spine and nervous system. However, she has a keen interest in caring for families especially mums and bubs. She looks at the body as a whole, and factors in not just physical components to the body, but also the emotional as well as the biochemical. She understands that chiropractic care can help with pain, however she focuses on helping to regulate your nervous system, clear through any stuck emotions in the body as well as provide any nutritional support that your body may be needing. She is also a NET practitioner, where she uses kinesiology to help clear any stuck emotions in the body that may prevent you from being your best self.
Dr. Sindy is available for appointments Tuesday to Saturday. Booking can be made via email at or by clicking the make an appointment link below.