Niki Michalek

Kundalini Activation & Bodywork, Vedic Meditation

Niki Michalek has studied under leading teachers of Kundalini Activation and Bodywork and has been facilitating group events and privates since 2019. She is also a trained Vedic Meditation Teacher, yoga teacher, and Integrative Pelvic Health facilitator.

Kundalini Bodywork and Activation (KBA) is a unique and powerful holistic healing system for transformation that covers the mental (mind), emotional (heart), and physical (body) levels.

This demo shows a short preview of different experiences, though only shows the surface of what this work is about.

In a nutshell it is a form of energy transmission and bodywork that:

  • Helps clear / transform “trauma” in the body
  • Energetically balances and harmonises the body
  • Transforms mental / emotional / sexual pain and distortion
  • Helps to repattern and regulate the nervous system
  • Prepares the body for Kundalini awakening
  • Ignites the spiritual awakening journey and expands consciousness
  • Supports the process of Kundalini rising and associated symptoms
  • Leads to deeper embodiment and spiritual maturity

Each session is tailored and individualised and will vary according to the wisdom of what is needed. Niki will bring in a range of core practices, exercises, and techniques depending on your focus and what naturally arises as you explore and work with your intention.

This may include:

  • Emotional detoxing & dearmouring bodywork
  • Lifeforce energy & kundalini activation transmission
  • Breathwork & embodiment techniques
  • Shadow work & working with polarity
  • Non-dual psychology & coaching exercises
  • Energetic cord cutting & entity removal

Here’s what participants have to say:
“Still Bouncing off the walls with Good Vibes . Seriously I have Changed at work , play and home . Very Focused . THANKS HEAPS FOR YOUR GUIDANCE !!!  🙏✨😎”
— Adam

“The profound physical and emotional releases that occur during these sessions are truly incredible. Each session brings a unique experience, but I have found that, for me, the intensity tends to increase with each subsequent session.”
— Sharka

“Incredible and powerful experience. I walked in not knowing what to expect but felt safe and supported throughout the whole process. I was actually blown away by the experience and the movements my body naturally went through… An experience you must participate in to understand.”
— Kristy

“I have been attending Kundalini Activation sessions with Niki for the past year and it has become a regular part of my mental health toolkit to help guide me through grief, unhealthy thought patterns and an expansion of me and my consciousness. My sessions are always different depending on what is needed in my individual journey on any given day but always profound. Niki is an incredible facilitator, her ability to hold a sacred space and assist in the inner healing of so many is admirable. I highly recommend these sessions.”
— Erin

“The session was very beneficial for me. I definitely feel amazing changes after, especially my awareness and intuition definitely a lot clearer.”
— Andrew


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