Max Hutchings

Psychotherapist and Writer

Max Hutchings is a Perth-based psychotherapist and writer seeking to explore what it means to be human, and to both enable and enhance people’s journeys of healing, growth, and self-discovery.

My approach rests on the understanding that every part of us belongs. Every part of us makes sense in the appropriate context, and every part of us is essential in becoming all that we can become. It is only through the integration and reconnection with our disparate parts that we can attain a sense of wholeness and well-being.

I maintain a firm grounding in a compassionately non-pathologizing stance. Meaning, I don’t diagnose, nor do I believe that diagnoses are even helpful for most people. I don’t believe that there is anything ‘wrong’ with us, instead, we have simply found ways to cope with what we’ve been through – and some of these coping strategies are now getting in the way of our true flourishing as human beings. I believe that exploring our Enneagram type is the clearest and most helpful way to see the ‘false self’ that we have each constructed in order to cope with these life experiences, which then allows us to begin developing our true self instead.

Passionately integrative, I draw from many modalities and schools of thought, with the underlying mission to find what works – no matter where it’s from. With a background in psychology and neuroscience, I then pursued a master’s degree in psychodynamic psychotherapy, primarily being drawn to the emphasis on depth and meaning.

Subsequently, I have discovered somatic parts work, and the Enneagram, which have both become hugely influential to not only my therapeutic practice, but my life and worldview as well.

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Bachelor of Arts (Psychology in Society), UWA

Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy, ECU