Yin Yoga with Rachel Blair

Monday 6.30 – 7.30pm 

Start your week right with a relaxing Yin class every Monday night.

Rachel Blair from Big Little Yoga hosts a wonderfully relaxing yin by candlelight class.  Rachel is a modified Ashtanga, Yin and meditation teacher, with specialty training in pre & postnatal, baby and children’s yoga.

Suitable for all levels, join us every Monday night and start your week right.

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Relax & Restore 

Saturday 8th August 2020, 1-4pm

An afternoon of gentle yoga, meditation and wellness education. 


Learn how to support your mood, gut health and nervous system with simple practices and aromatherapy.  Early bird offer until 11 July. 


This event is nearly sold out.  Reserve your tickets here.


Past Events

Sacred Breath Journey with Rachel Blair

Sunday 24 Nov 10-1pm, Friday 6, 13 December 7pm

“Breath is the carrier wave of life itself, the sacred bridge between life and matter, and the chariot of the Soul” 

Step into your courage and allow the breath to move you deep into your inner being and find all the love, truth and compassion you need to move into a higher and more aware state of being you in the world.  

Breathwork may be used to heal unprocessed pain, fear, grief, anger / dissolve mental and emotional blockages / experience overwhelming feelings of love, peace, compassion and gratitude / correct restrictive breathing patterns.   

Group Sound Sessions with Raven

Sound healing benefits the body physically, emotionally/mentally and energetically.  Science has shown that every system or part of our bodies vibrates at particular rates and when they become out of balance, through trauma or stress, for example, the frequency at which our systems vibrate can change, becoming less than optimum.

In Group Sound Healing Sessions sound is used to bathe the body in vibrational frequencies that are harmonious on an atomic level. It’s like immersing yourself in a lovely warm, rejuvenating, vibrational bath. Raven plays Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, Fibonacci Tubular Bells and other instruments to support your body and brain to bring calm to your nervous system and promote relaxation, rejuvenation and harmony within.

Spring the Feminine Way – Series of 3 Womens’ Circles with Inspiration Source

Wed 4th, 11th, 18th, Sep 6:30-8:30pm

When a woman begins to be aware of her innate nature, she is faced with a decision whether to honour and trust it or not.  The forces of nature are reawakening, trees blossom, flowers open, and the outside world is bright and fresh.

This is a time to put your energy and passion into your dreams and desires, step into your personal power and achieve great things in the world.

The Feminine Way, calls out take the leap, dive inward, dump the burdens, take off the mask, be real and blossom.

It’ s a sacred journey for the women over 3 Wednesday nights 4th, 11th 18th September 2019.

Each week the same women meet as equals in a sacred, safe and welcoming space that can hold the varied nature of the feminine. Love, pain, yearning, heartache, fear, dreams, joy, despair, compassion, creativity, denial, frustration, truth, betrayal, intuition, power, vulnerability, selflessness, inspiration. The Feminine Way is a journey back to the woman within who stands in her authority willing to own all of her amazing qualities… 

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Foundations of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture – with Marney Commens

20 – 22 July 2019 

Facial acupuncture is a complete treatment that views the face as an expression of internal health and an extention of the body’s meridians, which flow from the hands and feet to the head and face.

This three day workshop with Marney Commens will introduce you to the world of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture and give you the confidence to practise Facial Acupuncture with ease.

On completion of this course, you will have the confidence to treat any wrinkle or saggy jowl that comes your way.

Marney is a certified teacher of the introductory course ‘Foundations of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture’ part of the ‘Wakefield Technique’ pioneered by Mary Elizabeth Wakefield.

4 week Meditation Course – with Aahana Wellness

Starting Thurs April 11th, 7.00 – 8.30pm

Are you stressed? Is your mind busy? Are you feeling disconnected? Would you like to live life with a calmer mind and in greater connection to your higher self?

If so then join EarthPoint resident, Toni Blackman, for ‘Peaceful Mind Radiant Spirit’ – a 4 week journey into the incredible world of meditation.


  • You are new to meditation or have tried it before and gave up!
  • You are seeking greater inner peace and serenity
  • You would like to feel a deeper connection to your higher self… your soul
  • You want to learn practical ways to help improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • You want to experience the many benefits of meditation from greater peace & mental clarity to intuitive insight & self realisation.
  • You want to learn in an open and fully supportive environment

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Abundant Yoga Teacher Immersion with Amy McDonald

Sat Feb 2nd, 9.00 – 5.00pm

Join Amy McDonald from Grow Your Yoga Business for a full day of Abundant Yoga Biz training.  This full-day immersion is for you if you’re AWESOME at teaching Yoga, healing people and sharing your craft… but you KINDA SUCK at running a business!
You’ll receive the space, clarity, tools and techniques you need to grow your Yoga business in a way that feels authentic and aligned with your values. You’ll be supported to reflect on your current Yoga biz, get clear on your desires and create a plan to manifest them. We’ll cover:
How to stand out in a full market place
• Branding in a way that is fun and natural
• Class pricing that aligns with your service and your ideal students
• Packaging your services to encourage return customers and student loyalty
• Online marketing must-haves
• How to stay out of social media overwhelm
• And lots more, including plenty of time for questions and answers.
A day to collaborate, share and enjoy the biz of Yoga.  Plus you can bring along a friend for FREE!!

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