Vedic Meditation and Wisdom Teacher

Erin is a Vedic meditation & wisdom teacher.

She has dedicated her life to sharing the wonder and power of the meditating mind.

Erin artfully demystifies meditation and guarantees it can be simple, profound, and incredibly effective with the correct instruction.

Her passion lies in helping people to realise their innate happiness, clarity, creativity, and stability through daily meditation, wisdom sharing, and community support. Devoted to a decade’s study of the timeless Vedic traditions, Erin also brings clinical expertise as a Mental Health Clinician and Occupational Therapist. A rare combination to powerfully translate the best of modern science and ancient consciousness-based practices into real-world ‘how to’s’ relevant to everyday living.

Vedic Meditation is an effortless meditation technique that causes gentle but rapid recovery from stress and fatigue while deeply expanding one’s self-awareness and insight. Practiced sitting comfortably, with no concentration, focus, or control of the mind, she makes successful meditators out of the greatest cynics and the busiest minds!

Based in Fremantle and traveling across Australia to share her knowledge, courses, retreats, and workshops, she is renowned for her warm, wise, good-humored, & practical teaching style.

Erin teaches this truly enjoyable and deeply restful technique at EarthPoint Evolution over 4 consecutive sessions of 120 minutes each.

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Vedic Meditation Initiator, Masters of Occupational Therapy, Certified Mindfulness Teacher, and Mother.

AHPRA registered


Instagram: @erinhoeymeditation

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