Meriam Benaouina

AromaTouch Massage Therapist

Meriam is a passionate and enthusiastic person offering AromaTouch Technique. She was inspired to introduce people to the power of essential oils by the success of her personal quest for help. She discovered dōTERRA essential oils in 2016 when she was experiencing severe allergies. After taking many antihistamines every day and struggling to breathe properly, one day she decided to try essential oils.  Thanks to these oils, she found relief she found and she has never looked back.
Meriam has passion for natural health and aromatherapy. She firmly believes in the natural healing of essential oils. They are part of her everyday health and wellness regime and she loves sharing her knowledge with others and freeing them to live life fully. She is here to be your support person and resource.

Qualifications and Associations:
Certified AromaTouch Technique

Meriam is available for appointments at EarthPoint Energy Centre on Thursday. She can be contacted by filling out the below contact form, or calling 0402765289

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