Danielle McLeod


Danielle is a qualified Nutritionist with a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition. She currently studying at Endeavour College of Natural Health to complete a Diploma in Health Science specialising in Complementary Medicine. 

As a nutritionist, Danielle is able to implement her knowledge to help you improve in areas such as understanding nutrition, making healthier food choices and how to tell when and what nutrients our bodies need. She can create specialised meals and menu plans (including recipes) for an individual, couple or family and is able to cater to allergies, dietary requirements and cultural needs. Danielle can work with infants through to the elderly, including pregnancy and breast-feeding mothers, families and athletes.

Danielle specialises in plant-based nutrition and has been immersing herself in the health benefits of wholefoods and how to heal from the inside (including gut health and improving the microbiome). 

Danielle will be available for appointments on Monday and Wednesdays in Fremantle. 

For appointment times, email wholesomenutrition.danielle@gmail.com